The team of AOTE:R consist of Moderators (this time only dealing with the group), Administrators, Head Admins, Developers, and the Owner. This page may become outdated, so the group is more reliable if you want a list of them. This page is mainly for recording them.

Original Staff Edit

Note: Original meaning the people who were staff from the beginning of Reborn, not from the original. However some people have returned.

Moderators: Edit

  • marshallberical
  • python0998

Admins: Edit

  • ContentChaos
  • RegisLim
  • LeLandio
  • CreationCode
  • DeathDecay25

Head Admins: Edit

  • LePrenio

Developers: Edit

  • ADreamDrop
  • Conscriptions
  • ronnis813
  • Tekrus (Ya Boi)
  • Dorx86
  • AngadGaming25

Owner: Edit

  • AwesomeBawss

Fired/Quit Applicants Edit

Here are the people who have been dropped from the team due to various reasons, most of them were ranked "Intern" on the discord before release. The reasons of being dropped may be recorded, along with position.

  • Kdthndr (previous admin, was intern for reborn)
  • GADMIN100
  • LeEternio (Dropped with Unreal_Dev, intern)
  • QueenB99
  • Unreal_Dev (Quit because of various reasons, tested 10 people who were dropped with him)